ABOUTWho is Asential?

A S E N T I A L is a creative platform based in both Los Angeles, CA and Silver Spring, MD. Founded in 2011 by Yihenew Belay (Why Fi) and friends in Maryland, A S E N T I A L later expanded to the west coast in 2016 with Dakota Torres (Dakota) and has steadily been working as one of the more innovative and up and coming labels in the music industry. A S E N T I A L pushes the philosophy of being essential and ascending in all that you do; prioritizing all things necessary for the peace of mind.

With a formula of forward-thinking strategies, which have shown exponential growth,
A S E N T I A L was built and has proven to produce quality content on a consistent basis through various divisions of music, art, film, travel and lifestyle. Be sure to follow us on all social media pages @ weareasential and stay tuned to our weekly releases and podcast on “A S E N T I A L Wednesdays” by subscribing to our mailing list below. Enjoy!



Why Fi

Formed in Maryland, 2011

2 Albums

Being a California transplant by way of Silver Spring, Maryland, Why Fi has diligently been one of hip hop's most intriguing artists to fly under the radar. Currently based in Los Angeles, the founder of Asential has big plans for 2017 as he's getting ready to release his forthcoming project, Sounds In My Head.


Formed in Florida, 2009

2 Albums

What's good? Dakota is a Los Angeles based record producer hailing from Daytona Beach, FL. The dramatic guitar solos of Pink Floyd and the stylings of trap/EDM serve as the core inspiration for his most recent works. His productions dabble in the realm of ambiance over chopped vocal samples. Dakota utilizes simplistic kits to convey a familiar wave of comfort.

Arta Kabashi

Formed in ALBANIA, 2012

1 Albums

The jewel of Albania... Arta Kabashi is an Albanian singer and songwriter. Her soulful and melodic singing style over ambient production makes for very refined and powerful music that has helped her stand out in the pop scene in Albania. Now working alongside Asential, she's looking to take her passion-filled music to the next level.

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